09/13/14 @ 3pm
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September in Oklahoma? Probably pretty warm. The average high temperature in September, for this area, is 86°F. It may rain, hopefully not on you.

The wedding will be outdoors. We just went over how warm it might be. Probably not the time to wear your new fur coat. Dress light and airy, not formal. If you burn easily, it may be smart to wear a hat or some sunscreen. Absolutely no bikinis, we will not budge on that.
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A history of these two love birds
  • First Date

    Our first date included a rousing few games of bowling and dinner at this fantastically not yummy chinese buffet.
  • Dueling Pianos

    We had a great night at Full Moon Cafe watching the dueling pianos.
  • Meers

    On our way to Dallas, we stopped by Meers, OK for a "best burger in Oklahoma".
  • Red River Shootout

    Got our tickets for the OU/TX game. A first for both of us.
  • Red River Shootout

    In a sea of red at the OU/TX football game.
  • Christmas Lights at Rhema

    Faith being beautiful as we take in the Christmas lights display at Rhema.
  • First Christmas Together

    I think it's painfully obvious that I'm making a good impression on her.
  • Meet Yellow Dog

    This is the day we got the dog once known as Puppy, formerly known as Cupcake, previously Twinkie. She now goes by "Yellow".
  • First Date Anniversary

    Sadly, Yummy Buffet is no more.
  • First Date Anniversary

    We had to pick a new place to celebrate our first date. No. 1 Kitchen does a fine job.
  • Photobomb

    This silly pose was obviously just an attempt at getting a shot of those crazy pants in the background.
  • Beautiful Girl

    It's painfully obvious, in pictures of next to each other, which of us is better looking.
    (It's her)
  • Moderately Impressive Guy

    This was during a trip to Woolaroc. It seems that something was HILARIOUS.
  • Dog Days of Fall?

    Yellow dog is getting bigger. Much bigger.
  • Meeting Marco

    This was a big day, we met Marco the breadstick. Our lives will forever be changed.
  • Happy Birthday to Faith

    One of our traditions is visiting a photo booth on or around Faith's birthday. Or really any photo booth that
    we come across. But we seek them out on her birthday.
  • Happy New Year!

    Yellow dog loved wearing that hat. It's not taped to her head. I swear.
  • Birthday Gun Range

    This day started our annual trip to the gun range on my (Andy's) birthday. I like to tell the story that she hit the target with the first bullet,
    then she just put all the other bullets in that same hole. It's the only explanation.
  • Money Stache

    Faith was tipped this dapper 20 on this day. He was still just worth $20.
  • Meteor Madness

    We stopped at a "rock emporium" on the side of the highway in Arizona. This meteor was worth more than the trailer it was sitting in,
  • Found Another Booth

    This one was on the Pier at Santa Monica. We have very different ideas about which pose we're doing.
  • Santa Monica Pier

    This is a picture of us being us on the Santa Monica Pier. We were still reeling from our breakfast with Thomas (name drop).
  • Malibu's Most Wanted

    After the pier, we headed up the coast towards San Francisco. We did stop for a beach meal in Malibu. It's true because there are
    surf boards behind us.
  • Golden Gate Bridge

    We walked all the way across this death-defying bridge and back. Turns out it's a long bridge.
  • Golden Gate Lock

    While on the bridge, we put this lock on it and threw the keys into the water. Because that's what people do and it's romantic. After
    we placed the lock, I asked Faith if she would join me for a life of locking bridges...or something. She said yes.
  • Snoopy Has A Museum

    If you were unaware, Snoopy is Faith's true love. We went to this Snoopy museum and oogled the Snoopy things. Faith cried.
  • Redwood Forest

    I have conquered this tree. CLAIMED!!
  • Redwood Forest

    Evidence of our federal offense. Don't tell anyone.
  • Yosemite National Park

    Faith being beautiful everywhere she goes. In this case, we were waiting for a bus at Yosemite.
  • Yosemite National Park

    Picture of some big rocks in Yosemite. THE ROCKS WERE SO BIG!
  • 3rd First Date

    Every year, we recreate our first date (as well as is possible). The night starts with bowling at Broken Arrow Lanes.
    We are positively terrible at bowling.
  • Gulf Coast Vacation

    We had been back from our California trip for like A MONTH, it was time for another vacation.
    This picture is of the gulf from our rental on Dauphin Island, AL.
  • Haylee's Wedding

    We took a weekend trip to New Mexico to witness the marriage of one of Faith's friends.
  • Return from Haylee's Wedding

    Faith wanted me to include this picture. I think she may be trying to embarrass me.
  • Happy New Year Again!

    Those dogs and their hats. Really turning into a problem.
  • We Paid Money For This

    This was actually pretty fun. You run the streets of Tulsa and every so often someone throws
    colored powder in your face with enough vitrol to scare Hitler.
    Then they have a party.
  • We Paid Money For This

    Looks like Faith received much more hatred from the powder throwers than I. Cameo by Megan.
  • Herman's Hermits Concert

    Faith likes old British bands that I've never heard of. At least it's not One Direction.
  • Piper

    This is Piper. She may look like the flying beast from The Neverending Story, but she isn't.
  • Paul McCartney Concert

    Faith's nameless friend hooked us up with some tickets to see Paul McCartney live on big screens.
  • The 4th of Tulsa Drillers

    The Drillers put on a pretty sweet fireworks display around the 4th of July. In order to watch it from the
    stands, you have to endure a game of baseball.
  • Winter Park Vacation (aka The Ankle Destroyer)

    Picture of the mountains from our rental at Winter Park, CO. It was our first time skiing, Faith skied for
    2 days with a broken ankle (unknowingly). Like a boss.
  • Winter Park Vacation (aka The Ankle Destroyer)

    This is Faith with the heart chip. This chip was delivered to us, in a basket of ordinary chips, while eating at possibly the best TexMex food
    ever, on a mountain in Colorado. We realized our locational predicament and left a note asking the
    waiter to care for heart chip.
  • Air and Space Booth

    This booth was found at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum on my birthday. I like to think this work of art is a statement
    about the fearfulness and hopelessness of floating through space and being larger than Saturn.